Introducing Dave Godfrey

Dave Godfrey is an experienced primary teacher, trainer, presenter, author and songwriter.

Dave has taught throughout the Primary age-range during his teaching career in York and North Yorkshire, including a recent spell teaching Year 4, then Year 5 in 2011/12. Dave also spent five years working as a teacher for the York Schools and Youth Trust (YOYO), a Christian Educational Charity. In 1999/2000 Dave led a big Millennium Educational Project called ‘Timewarp 2000′ which involved over 10,000 children!

Sense of Number

Dave is a member of the ‘Sense of Number’ Maths Consultancy Team, a Numicon Affiliate Trainer and an Accredited PD Lead with NCETM.  Dave was brought up in Croydon before moving to York to complete a degree in Maths and Economics.  Dave trained as a Primary school teacher and has taught in schools in York and North Yorkshire during 9 years in the classroom, most recently teaching Year 4 and then Year 5 in a York school.  In 2010 Dave completed a Masters degree at St John’s University in York, focussing on creativity in the teaching and learning of Mathematics.  Dave has also spent five years working as a teacher for a Christian charity in York.


Dave is married to Menna and they have 3 children named Timothy, Anna and Esther.

Dave is sport mad! He’s a keen runner and plays what ever sport he can!  He’s a mad Colchester United Fan and Surrey Cricket Fan (claim to fame – played for Surrey when he was a kid!). Dave loves Lions Wine Gums and watching Star Trek!

The History of Number Fun

Number Fun is a powerful and creative tool for the teaching of Primary Mathematics. Music has an amazing power to engage children and to activate the brain. Songs are a wonderfully creative way of teaching maths – one that the children love!

Dave Godfrey is the man behind Number Fun. Dave’s background is as a primary teacher with a Maths degree and with a passion for Mathematics! In 1998 Dave was asked to write a set of primary assembly songs with maths links. These songs were published in early 2000 by the Stapleford Centre under the title of ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’. This resource was well received and Dave was subsequently challenged, ‘What else can you do?’ This led to a release of creativity and, based on his recent experience of teaching FS and KS1, Dave had a go at writing some simple songs to help children with their Maths. Some of the initial songs included classics like, ‘Farmer Pete’ and ‘Wobbly Tooth’. These were an instant hit, and a new project was born! Since those humble beginnings in 2001 Dave has gone on to write and co-write eight resource books for FS, KS1 & KS2 in the Number Fun series, recording 8 albums of songs and co-producing a set of interactive software – details of all these materials can be found in the resources section of this website!

Dave now spends some of his time continuing to develop new materials and a significant amount of time is spent travelling to train teachers in the use of Number Fun, and in visiting schools to present Number Fun to teachers and children.