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Upgrade Discounts when upgrading from the Original Song Resource Packs to the new Number Fun Digital Packs

We would like to offer existing users of Number Fun some exceptional discounts for the new and upgraded phased materials.
Please email or call Jayne (number below) in the Number Fun office for full details:

The New Packs

The first Number Fun Song Resource Pack was published in January 2003.  Since then a further 7 Song Resource Packs have been published featuring songs for children from Early Years through to UKS2.  Each Song Resource Pack has featured an A4 spiral-bound resource book with accompanying Full Track and Backing Track CDs.  In more recent years network licences have been available to allow schools to put the songs onto their school servers alongside a PDF copy of the resource book.

Number Fun has proved to be a powerful tool for the teaching of Primary Mathematics. As there are now over 175 Number Fun songs, with a song for virtually every aspect of Primary Mathematics, the time has come to repackage the materials to make them accessible for staff to use.

The new repackaging features a handful of new songs and some re-recordings where appropriate (e.g. references to ‘units’ have been replaced by ‘1s’ – in line with the National Curriculum).

The new suite comes as Digital Packs – 3 discs within a DVD case.  As before we have the Full Track and Backing Track CDs.  The third disc is a Data DVD that contains:

   •  Teaching Manual (as a PDF)
   •  Song Words PowerPoint Presentation
   •  Teacher Training Video
   •  Resources Vault (full of additional Video and PDF resources to help support the use of the songs.)

The 10 new, themed Number Fun Packs are aimed at specific phases:

  • 2 packs for Early Years
  • 3 packs for KS1
  • 3 packs for Lower KS2
  • 2 packs for Upper KS2

The new Digital Packs come in three licence options:

  • Single User
  • Small Network Licence (for schools with up to 1.5 classes per year-group)
  • Big Network Licence (for schools with 2+ classes per year-group)

The new packaging will give teachers all they need to use the Number Fun songs as a fun-filled and powerful tool within school.