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Farmer Pete and Friends Interactive Software


Bring alive the Number Fun Songs on your Interactive Whiteboard! The high quality graphics and interactivity make this the ultimate way to present Farmer Pete and 9 other classic Number Fun Songs for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

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Farmer Pete and Friends helps bring 10 Number Fun Songs (originally from Song Resource Packs 1 and 2) to life with great looking graphics and lots of interactivity. You can move Farmer Pete’s sheep around his farm, switch sticky toffee’s from pocket to pocket and beep the Doubling Machines nose, whilst either singing along with the Full Track or Backing Track versions of each song.

The main interactive presentations have three modes:

1. CD Mode: pre-programmed to present the song as it plays on the CD. It’s like having a music video for Number Fun Songs.
2. Semi-Automatic provides control buttons that make it easy to present the song the way you want to.
3. Interactive Mode gives you the ability to move sheep, toffees, coins etc. by clicking or dragging them around the display. (The high level of flexibility has led to this software being used in many junior and special needs classrooms)

Songs with Full Interactive Presentations:  
Cheeky Monkey’s Counting Song
Clap Snap
Doubling Machine
Farmer Pete
Farmer, Pete’s Chicken Song
My Name is Russ!
Number Bond (006/004)
Number Fun Rocket
Safe in the Barn
Sticky Toffees.