Millions and Billions Book


Collective Worship Resource Book with Maths and SEAL links by Dave Godfrey. The extensive book features 12 special Assembly Themes and equips you to lead inspiring and engaging Acts of Primary School Collective Worship – all with mathematical and SEAL links!

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A 66 page A4 Resource Book to accompany the Data DVD, and Song and Backing Track CD.

The Millions and Billions resource book is bursting with fun-filled, simple, accessible and creative ideas for each assembly theme:

Introduction and Background (including SEAL, Mathematical and Faith links), A Major Assembly Outline in detail: (Introduction, Gameshow, Bible Story, Time to Think (including Reflection and Prayer) and Theme Song, Extension Assembly/Class Assembly outlines, Song Actions, Music Score and Song Words.

Twelve Themes: 

Theme Songs: on Audio CD DVD Contents

Celebration – Volume
Changing – Times-Tables
Christmas – Counting Back
Easter – Time
Friendship – Position Vocabulary
Harvest – Percentages
Individuality – Big Numbers
Possessions – Counting to 10
Sharing – Number and Division
Talents – Doubling
Teamwork – Parallelograms
The Power of Words – Number Bonds to 10.

  1. At The Wedding Down in Cana 
  2. Zacchaeus 
  3. The 12 Days of Christmas 
  4. The Week 
  5. Peter and His Mates Went Fishing 
  6. Harvest Time
  7. 10 Coins
  8. 5000 Men
  9. Double the Talent
  10. The Parallelogram
  11. 10 Men with Leprosy
  12. Millions and Billions


12 PowerPoint (and Keynote) Presentations
12 Dramatic and/or PowerPoint Picture Storytelling Scripts
12 Full Music Scores
12 Song Action Demonstration Video Files
12 OHP Masters for the Song Words
Additional Photocopiable Resources.

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