Number Fun Training

Dave has now visited well over 500 schools all around the country to present his fun-filled Number Fun Activity Days.

Number Fun Activity Days

A Number Fun Activity Day aims to equip teachers to use Number Fun in school whilst introducing the materials to children in a fun-filled and action packed day! A typical Activity Day includes Maths based Collective Worship for the whole school, followed by 4 hour long workshops.

Dave’s presentation is fun and fast moving, including puppetry, role play, props and song actionsgroups (eg FS, KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2). The day finishes with an hour long staff training session aimed at equipping staff to creatively use Number Fun as a tool in their teaching of Primary Mathematics.

To book an Activity Day, please give the office a call at the office on 01904 778848.

Sense of Number Training


Dave is part of the Sense of Number Maths Consultancy Team, made up of Dave, Anthony Reddy and Laurence Hicks.

Dave is a Sense of Number Maths Consultant, Trainer, and an experienced Primary Teacher, with a Maths degree and a passion for Mathematics!  Dave’s work includes Maths training for teachers, Number Fun Activity Days in schools and the creation of resources for Primary mathematics.

‘Sense of Number’ training is delivered nationally by Dave, and fellow Maths Consultants Anthony Reddy and Laurence Hicks.  All three trainers deliver a variety of support for Primary schools, including training on a wide range of Mathematical topics.  School clusters across the country are hosting their unique eight-day ‘A Sense of Number’ course.  This collaborative training package aims to equip schools with a whole school policy for Number, linked to the new National Curriculum.

Dave’s individual Sense of Number training aims to help raise standards by increasing teachers’ confidence and subject knowledge, and by giving them tools to be creative and to enjoy the subject!  After spending four terms teaching in a York Primary school during 2011 and 2012, Dave’s Mathematics training courses come packed with engaging ideas, relevant theory and recent classroom experience.  All Dave’s events are presented in a relevant, engaging, fun-filled and interactive style.  Dave has recently become a Numicon Affiliate Trainer and an accredited PD Leader for the new National Curriculum with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.

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